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Wireless Intruder Alarm – The Benefits

Does Your Small Business Need Wireless Intruder Alarms?

When starting a business, it can be hard to balance your needs with your available finances. Sometimes, compromises are made in the early stages of operation, with upgrades only being made as the business grows. In your own case, you may be thinking about what your compromises might be, and you may even be questioning how much you need to spend on a security system.

To put it plain and simple, a security system is absolutely essential. No matter where you are in Leeds, or anywhere else in the UK, a security system will protect your business and your staff, and it will also help with your insurance policy, too. For most small business owners, the question will not be whether or not a security system is necessary, but rather, how much security is necessary?

To find the answer, some detailed risk analysis will be required. What type of premises are you securing? Do you have staff on site, and do you have a security team for after-hours patrols? Do you keep cash or expensive equipment on site? And most importantly, if you were victim of a break in, would the potential losses be enough to seriously compromise your business?

For most business owners, any break-in would be financially and operationally damaging. Smaller businesses carry more risk, especially when considering start up entrepreneur type business with little capital. Because of this, it makes a lot of sense to invest in a high quality wireless intruder alarm system, even if you think it is beyond your current requirements.

The Benefits of Installing a High Quality System at a Small Business Location

  • Industry leading intruder detection and audible loudspeaker alarms.
  • Wireless technology reduces installation costs, and increases the flexibility of a system.
  • A small system can be upgraded later on. Investing in top quality equipment means you won’t always need to replace your basic components.
  • Wireless systems can be setup to allow for off-site monitoring, SMS alerts, and security team or police callout.

Investing in top quality equipment does not mean that you’ll be paying for something that is beyond your needs and means. Instead, it means that you can futureproof much of your system, allowing you room to grow your security installation as your business needs change. Talk to UK Red Security today, for wireless intruder alarms in Leeds, the surrounding areas, and anywhere else in the UK. We’ll design the best system for your needs and budget, protecting your business interests for today, and in the future.