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Top Reasons to Consider IP CCTV Cameras for Your Business

Security cameras have become almost as ubiquitous as intruder alarms in Leeds and throughout the United Kingdom, and while cameras can provide added security and a visible deterrent against crime, if you’re using an outdated system then you won’t be getting the full benefits of a modern CCTV system. Digital is now the standard for security cameras, and there are numerous benefits, including an increase in image quality, easier installation, better scalability, and increased functionality.

Let’s take a look at these four areas, and how they can benefit the security of your business.

CCTV Cameras with Increased Image Resolution

If you’re using an older security camera system that runs an analogue signal, then you’re going to be limited in terms of overall video resolution. This can make it difficult to accurately identify individual facial features and other fine details on recorded or live video. With IP CCTV cameras, video resolution is much higher. Feeds are digital so there is no interlacing, and it is much easier to make out details, down to identifying individuals from faces and reading vehicle license plates etc. This can be especially important when investigating a crime or security breach, and is one of the best reasons to upgrade to a new system in 2017.

Simpler and More Affordable Installations

As recently as just a decade ago, the installation of a multi camera system would have been prohibitively expensive for most small to medium sized businesses. In some cases, this would have meant sacrificing area coverage to achieve an installation cost within a tight budget.

With modern cameras, particularly IP systems, installation is faster and can make better use of the resources that you already have. IP cameras connect to your computer network, which means that you won’t need to run separate camera wiring all throughout your place of business. Cameras simply need to connect to a network switch, and there are even some systems that can transfer power and even pan and tilt controls through a single Ethernet cable. For wireless IP cameras, systems are even easier to install, and you’ll only need a secure wireless network to transfer a security feed to a DVR.

Even with the advancement in camera technology, simplification of installation options means that camera systems are now more affordable than they have ever been in the past.

Better CCTV Scalability for Your Growing Business

An IP camera system can easily be modified and expanded to meet your needs, without any major reinvestment in technology or installation. On a technical level, a wired network is only limited by the number of available network ports, your DVR/control module, and the amount of bandwidth that you have available. Even the most basic prosumer DVR system can accept simultaneous feeds from 4 – 8 individual cameras. If you need multiple on-site cameras to ensure a wide area of coverage, then an IP based system is the best solution.

Added Features with an IP Camera System

A modern security camera system will do more than just provide you with a visual record of what’s been happening within your premises.

Whereas older camera systems were purely for live monitoring or reviewing when an incident was discovered, a modern system can allow you to take a proactive approach when it comes to your business security. With advanced technologies, cameras can perform facial recognition, they can use infrared light sources to record high definition footage at night, and they can even be motion activated and automatically pan and tilt to track a subject.

With some systems, it is even possible to have a security system to assist with general safety or operations. As an example, camera software can be used to keep a tally of the number of people in a particular area, and could assist retail operators or other businesses to manage queuing and assign more staff resource when necessary. There are more advanced camera features than can easily be discussed within a single article, and you will find that with the right software, your CCTV system can become an indispensable security and business tool.

Finding the Right Fit for Your Business

Whether you want to have an isolated CCTV system in your building, or even if you need remote access to live feeds from all cameras, there are solutions available at UK Red Security. In addition to your camera needs, we can also take care of your intruder alarm systems, electronic access control, fire alarms, and even electronic turnstiles and security gates. Talk to us today for a consultation and complete risk assessment, and take the first step towards a more secure business in 2016.