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The Essential Fire Alarm FAQ’s – Answered!

A fire alarm system is an absolute necessity for any business. Not only will fire alarms protect your commercial interests, but they will also ensure that your team members are able to receive prompt notification of smoke or a fire, enabling them to evacuate the premises safely. Fire alarms will also increase emergency response time, and some systems will even benefit your insurance premiums. When you’re installing a new system at your place of business, it is essential that you are able to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding your needs, and what is available on the market.

5 Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the UK Law Requirements Regarding Fire Safety?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, stipulates a number of important requirements for employers and site operators in the United Kingdom. Essential requirements are that businesses will take basic precautions to ensure protection of employees and anyone on site, and that the site itself maintains a reasonable level of safety. Article 13 (1) (A) of the order states that appropriate measures should be made to incorporate firefighting equipment, along with fire detectors and alarms. Measures should be appropriate to the type of business, the premises, and the activity carried out. Any dangerous materials stored on the premises may increase the safety requirements that are mandated and enforced by law.

How Can Businesses Ensure Fire Safety Compliance?

Reading all relevant legislation can be time consuming and difficult for business operators. Security and safety professionals possess expert understanding of current laws, and can help you to determine your own requirements and current level of compliance. UK Red Security provides free fire safety compliance surveys in Leeds.

Are There Penalties for Breaching Fire Safety Regulations?

Yes! Besides the fact that noncompliance will put your staff and business at risk, there can also be legal repercussions when your business does not meet BSI Fire Safety Regulations. Engaging with professional fire safety experts will eliminate any risk of noncompliance.

Can Fire Alarms be Integrated into Wider Security Systems?

You may have concerns surrounding whether your fire alarms are able to integrate with other systems, such as automatic or timed doors, wireless intruder alarms, and access control systems. With the right planning, all systems can be integrated, allowing safe evacuation from secure sites in the event that an alarm is triggered.

Are there Solutions for Larger Premises?

Absolutely. A fire alarm control panel can be as simple, or as complex as is required. Multiple zone boards can provide essential information to fire fighters, such as the location of the fire on a map, whether a fire or smoke is detected, and can also outline the best access route to reach the fire. Fire suppression systems are also available, but may not be suitable for every site or industry.

If it’s time to upgrade your existing system, install on a new site, or simply check compliance of your current solution, make sure that you deal with the best security and fire safety experts in Leeds. UK Red Security are available 24 hours, every day of the week, and with fully qualified engineers, we’re your best choice for inspections, maintenance, new installations, and fire safety consultations.