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How Safe is Your House? Fire Alarms Leeds

How Safe is Your Home? Leeds Fire Alarms for Residential Properties

When it comes to home security, intruder alarms Leeds and CCTV Leeds systems seem to enjoy the most mindshare with homeowners. However, just as you need to be able to protect your home from intrusion and burglary, you also need to make sure that your family is ready to react in the event of a fire.

According to the Home Office, there are more than 490,000 fire emergency callouts every two years in England alone. Worryingly 41% of all fire related fatalities are citizens aged 65 years and over. If you want to protect the home of your parents or grandparents, or even your own home, then you’re going to need efficient smoke and fire alarms Leeds.

Fire Alarms Leeds to Protect Your Family and Property

Alarms will not only save lives, but they can help to protect your property and possessions, and you may even be eligible for insurance rates benefits if you have a professionally installed Leeds fire alarm in your home. Fire Alarms Leeds can link into your security system if you choose the right package, and you could even have advanced features like SMS notifications when a smoke or fire alarm Leeds is triggered. Your system could even include carbon monoxide detectors, which will warn inhabitants when there is a gas leak from one of your home appliances.

It’s time to ensure complete protection of your family, by equipping your home with the best Fire Alarms Leeds. Talk to the team at UK Red Fire and Security today, for expert advice and system installation in Leeds and around the United Kingdom.