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Hard Wired Smoke & Fire Alarms Leeds

Should You Install Hard Wired Smoke & Fire Alarms in Your Home in Leeds?

If you want to protect your home beyond simply having secure doors and windows, you’re going to want to install an intruder alarm. Not only will an alarm provide safety for your family, but it can also protect your valuable assets and heirlooms. If you are thinking about security from thieves and intruders, then you also need to consider the risk of fire. A fire could severely damage or destroy your home, destroy your valuables, and could even put you and your family at risk.

If you want the best protection and early warning when it comes to fire, then it’s a good idea to install hard wired fire alarms.

Why Hardwired Smoke Alarms are better Than Battery Powered Solutions

Battery powered smoke alarms can provide essential detection of smoke and fires, unfortunately, there is a risk of failure, or even user error if you forget to keep batteries fresh. By installing hard wired detectors that are connected to your alarm system, you can have confidence knowing that your home is always protected, and the system will be virtually maintenance free. There will be no more changing batteries every year, and you can rest assured knowing that your system just works.

Getting the Best System Design and Alarm Placement

A fire could occur anywhere in your home. Although the kitchen would be the area that is at the most risk, any electronic device in your home has the potential to cause a fire. Space heaters, computers, televisions, and even accessories like hair irons and blow driers could suffer from an electrical fault that leads to a fire. A fully wired system will be able to provide your family with ample warning when a fire starts, and for larger homes you could even choose to link your smoke detectors into a monitored intruder alarm system, allowing for fire service response when nobody is in the home.

Additional Sensors for the Safety of Your Family

Smoke detectors and fire alarms in Leeds are essential, but if you want complete safety then you should also include a carbon monoxide detection system in your home. Carbon monoxide can’t be seen and has no odour, and can cause serious harm or even death if dangerous levels are reached in your home. If you use a traditional wood burning fireplace or gas appliances, then a carbon monoxide detector will be able to alert you when dangerous levels are reached. For the best system, you’ll need to incorporate both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Advanced Fire Alarms in Leeds

Whether you’re a homeowner, or even a commercial operator, you’re going to need the right expertise to get an alarm system that suits your needs and your budget. At UK Red Security, we provide custom solutions that are designed to provide safety and security in almost any scenario. Don’t leave it too late to secure your home or business. Talk to us today about fire alarms Leeds, intruder alarms, or even electronic access control systems for commercial properties