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Fire Safety & Security Requirements from UK Red Security Ltd

Fire Safety & Security Requirements from UK Red Security Ltd in West Yorkshire

Fire Safety & Security is essential when you run a business. The right fire safety measures will protect your premises and the property within, and the right planning can ensure that anybody on site has adequate time to evacuate in the event of a fire. Besides construction materials, floor plan layout, and preventative measures, you will also need a fire alarm system to protect your staff and business interests. In the United Kingdom, you will also need to comply with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order of 2005.

Important Requirements Set by the Fire Safety Order 2005

The Fire Safety Order focuses on preparedness and prevention, and as you move through the following points, you will understand how important it is to have a comprehensive fire safety strategy and alarm system on your premises.

  • As a responsible employer you must take reasonable steps to ensure that you have fire precautions in place to protect your employees, and these precautions must be adequate for the circumstances, location, and type of business.
  • Risk assessment must be carried out to identify fire dangers, including dangerous substances stored on site, or other fire hazards.
  • Following risk assessment, reasonable steps must be made to eliminate or minimise the risk to property and people.
  • Firefighting and fire detection plans must be in place. This means having adequate suppression systems, fire alarms, smoke alarms, and firefighting equipment in places of high risk.
  • A fire plan must include evacuation routes and exit points that are highly accessible and that would provide the path of least danger in the event of a fire or other emergency.
  • Relevant signage is necessary, and illumination must be provided in certain circumstances.

Even from this incomplete list, it is clear that UK Law views fire safety as a significant issue in business. If you want to ensure compliance, while also protecting your staff and your property, then you will need a custom fire alarm system, along with any other necessary safety systems.

Your area of expertise is your business, but at UK Red Security, our business is your safety. With accredited security and safety engineers, we can perform risk assessment to government standards, and design, install, and maintain a fire alarm system that will protect your business and your staff. Talk to us today to discuss your business needs and take advantage of the best Fire Safety & Security in West Yorkshire.