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Fire Safety in the Workplace

Complement Your Fire Alarms with a Fire Prevention Strategy

You wouldn’t start a business without planning, insurance, and a solid team to help you to achieve your goals. Being organised means that you get more things done, and it also means that you will have strategies in place for when things go wrong. Just as you want your business to be operationally efficient, it also needs to be safe, because a safe business is a productive business.

You need your business to be safe from unauthorized access and crime, and you also need to be protected from fire with the best fire alarms in Leeds. It’s not enough to simply install your alarms and forget about them, but with a fire safety policy, you can reduce the risk of fires, for a safer workplace.

5 Tips for Fire Safety in the Workplace

These are some of the most basic things you can do to avoid fires in your Leeds business. By following these simple tips you could avoid some of the most common commercial fire causes in the UK.

  • Don’t overload electrical circuits, or piggyback your power strips. This can cause overloading which could lead to fires, or even equipment damage. If you do need to use extension cables and extension blocks, make sure that you use high quality devices with built in circuit breakers and overload protection.
  • When leaving the office at night, make sure that all non-essential equipment is turned off. Appliances are a leading cause of fire outbreaks, so ensure that you take precautions in your business.
  • Keep power cables tidy, and away from traffic. This means you should route cables behind desks, or under floors (if you have the option). Cables that are rolled over with chairs or equipment, or even stepped on, can deteriorate, causing shorts that lead to fires.
  • Keep your workspace clean. Trash, scrap paper, and other junk, are all fire hazards. In the event of a fire, an untidy office could feed the fire, allowing it to spread faster.
  • Keep heat producing equipment away from walls, stationary supplies, and combustibles. For larger equipment like copiers and servers, make sure that there is adequate ventilation, as overheating equipment is a leading cause of office fires.

These tips won’t replace your fire alarms in Leeds, but they will ensure that your workplace is safer, and that the risk of fire outbreak is minimised. Remember that even with the best safety policy, you’ll need a high quality alarm installation, with sensors, smoke alarms, and audible warning systems. If you’re installing a new system or upgrading your current installation, talk to the experts at UK Red Security in Leeds.