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Essential Fire Alarm Components for Commercial and Industrial Properties

Essential Fire Alarm Components for Commercial and Industrial Properties

The right fire alarm in Leeds is always going to be dependent on your unique business needs. Coverage needs, the number of detectors, smoke detectors, and even suppression systems, will all depend on your initial risk assessment, and the type of property that you are protecting. Understanding the various components of an alarm system can help you to make the right decision when it comes to installation. Below we have listed some of the main components so let UK Red Security help you in understanding whats involved.

Four Key Components of a Fire Alarm Installation

  1. 1. Detectors and Sensors

Fire heat detectors are essential to any installation, as are smoke detectors. High quality detectors can mean that the system is activated at the earliest possible opportunity, allowing for speedy evacuation and notification to emergency services. Heat and smoke sensors can be combined with fire suppression systems when appropriate, which will depend on your premises and the type of equipment or inventory that is stored within.

  1. 2. Visible Warning Systems

Even with a monitored alarm system, it is essential that personnel on site can receive prompt notification of a fire. This can speed evacuation and save lives. Alarm lighting is available for indoor and outdoor areas, and you can choose from a number of coloured beacon and strobe systems.

  1. 3. Buzzer and Bell Alarms

Every fire alarm installation needs an audible notification system. Traditional systems use bells and buzzers, but there are also options for more advanced installations that use pre-recorded PA notifications. These voice warning systems could provide evacuation information, and are useful in installations where members of the public or unfamiliar visitors would typically be on site.

  1. 4. Manual Alarm Points

Although modern systems can detect fires of various types, in a range of conditions, you still need to provide call points for manual activation. In the event of a detector failure, or when a person identifies a fire before your system does, a manual call point will trigger the alarm and allow for evacuation and emergency services callout.

Finding the Right Fire Alarm in Leeds and West Yorkshire

To ensure that you install the right system that suits your unique needs, you will need to deal with a trusted security company. At UK Red Security, we can perform full risk assessment for any location, while providing you with the most suitable options for system components and control panels. Call us today to arrange for a consultation, and we will ensure that your business, your property, and your people are protected by a modern fire alarm system that provides complete peace of mind.