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Is it Time for Electronic Access Control Leeds?

Is it Time for Electronic Access Control Leeds?

As a business owner, securing your property and your staff is one of your most important responsibilities. With the risks that exist today, a simple intruder alarm system is no longer enough. If you want to be able to provide security on your premises, without inconveniencing staff or clients, then it’s time to start thinking about an electronic access control system. Electronic access can provide better security at all of your access points, while also making access more convenient for your staff and visitors. If you’re not yet familiar with the latest technology, then these examples should help you to understand why an electronic access system is a great idea for business your business in 2017 and beyond.

For an Agile Business, a Lock and Key is Not Enough

We’ve entered a new era of technology and convenience, and the benefits can flow right down to how people access (or don’t access) your building. If you look back to just two decades ago, access systems were incredibly basic. You would have a lock and key for doors, and internally you may not have even had restricted access for different zones in your building.

If you need your business to be more flexible and adaptable to change, then an electronic access system makes much more sense. You won’t need to assign team members to opening and lock up duties, because everything can be controlled from a central or remote computer. There’s no element of human error, no lost keys, and no inconvenience for busy buildings. In the past, it may have been necessary to leave zones unsecured throughout the workday, simply because it would be inconvenient or unfeasible to continually lock and unlock doors. With access control, this problem doesn’t exist, because your building is always secured, and granting access is as easy as provisioning a key card or pin number.

Know Who is in Your Building, and When

Security is obviously the key benefit of any kind of access control, but it’s not the only one. Simply supplementing your intruder alarm with an electronic access system will allow you to run your business with more efficiency.

You’ll know who is in your building, the time that they arrived, and when they leave. This can help you with tracking staff adherence, and it also can improve safety in the event of an emergency. You’ll be able to see access logs from a central site, or even a remote computer. This is especially important when it comes to contract staff or visitors. You can find out if people are where they should be, if your access controls are designed properly, and you can even use logs to monitor traffic and develop better access protocols. Car park access can be granted and restricted, and you will be able to set access rules to allow or deny access based on the time of day or even the day of the week.

Get Smart Access Control with UK Red Security

You can have a custom system designed to meet your current needs, and due to the modular and expandable nature of electronic access, you won’t need to make a huge investment to scale your system in the future. At UK Red Security, we can provide a complete consultation and analysis of your building, and provide a recommendation that will meet your security requirements and current budget. Call us today to get started, no matter where you are in the UK.