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Wireless Intruder Alarms for Business – How Much Protection Do You Need?

Up until the recent past, you only had one real solution when it came to installing an intruder alarm at you place of business. You would install a centralized alarm system, with wired sensors placed in key points around your premises. While not ineffective, these alarm systems came with costly installations, difficult repairs and troubleshooting, and inflexibility when it came time for expansion.

Today, you have more options. At UK Red Security we are experts in modern security, and there’s one particular technology that we’d like to introduce. This is the wireless intruder alarm system. Just like a wired alarm, a wireless system will utilise strategically placed sensors to detect intrusion at your premises. Movement sensors, door and gate sensors, and even fire alarms can be integrated into a single system. Unlike a wired alarm, there is no excessively costly installation, limited drilling, and the system is modular, which means it can easily change along with the needs of your business.

There are three basic types of wireless alarms, each providing a different level of functionality and protection. To start with, we have our entry level system. This system is not monitored and will only provide audible intrusion notifications on site. This means a loud buzzer or bells, designed to alert nearby people of an intrusion, while also giving intruders a warning to vacate the premises. This can be an effective option, depending on your site. If you operate in a shared space, or a high traffic area, this unmonitored alarm can be enough to alert relevant authorities or morally minded people in the area. However if your site is isolated, such a system may prove to be ineffective.

If you need to know when your alarms are being triggered, and most business owners do, then you can choose a wireless intruder alarm with alerts and smart notifications. These systems use an internet connection to notify of incidents via SMS, so that appropriate actions can be taken.

Now, if neither of these options suits, then there is a further tier which offers the ultimate in security. It is a monitored alarm system which incorporates connectivity to an offsite monitoring centre. This means that alerts can be checked immediately, a notification is sent to designated company representatives, and police are advised when necessary. This is the most comprehensive system because it eliminates cases where alerts may be missed or undelivered. If you operate in a critical industry or have particularly high security needs, then this is the system for your business.

A Professional Team for Your Wireless Intruder Alarm

Whatever you think your security needs are, or even if you need expert assistance to find out, make sure that you talk to trusted professionals. At UK Red Security, we’re trusted across Leeds and in the surrounding areas, and can help you to determine your current security capabilities, and make recommendations for a system that will suit your needs and budget. Talk to us today to take the first step towards a more protected business.