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Ignoring Fire Safety Legislation’s could lose you everything!

Understanding Commercial and Corporate Fire Alarm Systems

Business owners who have suffered the effects of a fire on their premises, will tell you that fire is much more dangerous than any criminal. Fire can lead to catastrophic loss of property and data, and in the worst case scenario, injury or loss of life. Fire risk assessment in the UK is not just a legal requirement, but is the first step in safeguarding your business interests.

With risk assessment completed, fire safety specialists will recommend an installation that conforms to all regulatory directives. It is important to understand the essential components of a fire alarm system, so that you’re better prepared to make the right decisions when it comes to safeguarding your staff and site.

Manual Call Points

Today there is strong emphasis placed on automation, but this doesn’t mean that you can afford to neglect manual systems. These provide additional fire security if systems fail, by allowing anyone on site to manually trigger an alarm. These are essential in high risk areas, and anywhere that people are regularly working.

Smoke Alarms

Just as a smoke alarm could save your home by detecting a fire early, a smoke alarm in your commercial premises could save lives and property. Smoke alarms must provide full coverage of your site. They can provide audible warning, and can be networked to your fire alarm control panel.

Heat Detection and Suppression

Your business will benefit from fire alarms that incorporate heat detection sensors. These device can be configured to trigger your alarms when the detected heat level surpasses a certain threshold, and some units will even detect fire hazards based on the rate of rise in temperature.

Fire Alarm Control Panel

A control panel is the heart of your fire alarm system in Leeds. It can connect to all of your sensors, alarms, and manual units, and you can install a system that alerts emergency services in the event of a fire. For larger properties, you can incorporate a graphic annunciator, which provides a complete floor layout with sensor locations, so that emergency services can identify the location of a fire when responding to an alarm.

Voice Alarms

Large warehouses, office sites, and commercial locations like shopping centres can benefit from voice alarms connected to a PA system. These systems can provide audible warnings and evacuation notices or instructions, ensuring that your premises are quickly cleared in the event of a fire.


When carrying out fire risk assessment and planning your fire alarm system, it is important that you deal with a security company that knows all UK regulations, and will be able to implement a system that fits your needs and your budget. UK Red Security is a leading provider of fire alarms and security systems in Leeds. Specialising in commercial and corporate installations, we will work with you to find a solution that is designed to save lives, and protect the investment that you’ve made in your business.