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UK RED Security & Fire Systems

Domestic Security Systems

Feeling safe at home is one of the highest priorities for anyone. From simple burglar alarms to advanced CCTV, the home security systems on offer at UK Red Security are second to none.

We have access to the latest technology and our engineers are all fully trained to ensure your installation gives you the best possible results.

Home security systems

Only you know what you need to protect at home, which is why we always begin by finding out what your priority is. It might be that you have valuable cars or jewellery which needs additional protection, or you simply want to sleep soundly at night knowing your family is safe.

Home CCTV systems

The use of CCTV is increasingly common in homes in the UK. As well as being a deterrent to potential trespassers, it can offer valuable evidence in the event that anything does happen.

At UK Red, we also offer remote monitoring of CCTV, so if you want the additional reassurance of knowing that the alarm will be raised even if you’re not there to keep an eye on things, we’re here to help.

Domestic burglar alarms

While most people are familiar with simple domestic burglar alarms, modern technology means there are more options available than ever. We offer everything from recommendation to installation, and of course on-going maintenance and servicing.

Your alarm can be set to alert you when it is activated, or even to notify the police. At UK Red, we also offer a monitoring service so that we can respond to an alarm activation quickly and effectively. With 24/7 support, you will have full reassurance that your property is safe no matter where in the world you are.

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