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Do Security Cameras Prevent Crime?

There are a number of reasons why you might consider installing security cameras at your place of business. A CCTV system can allow you to increase onsite security, prevent industrial espionage, and even increase workplace productivity. Security cameras can also help to make staff feel safer, and can contribute to a better atmosphere in the workplace. When you’re considering installing a CCTV system on your premises, there’s probably one key question that you will be asking, and that is whether security cameras are actually effective at preventing crime?

It is commonly accepted that CCTV installations can prevent crime by acting as a deterrent. Criminals are often opportunistic by nature, and the presence of security cameras can help to make your business a more difficult target, as the risk of any crime being detected is significantly increased. Security cameras can provide hard evidence of a crime taking place, with more chance of successful prosecution against the perpetrator. In this sense, cameras do help to prevent crime, but is there significant evidence to support this?

Cut Crime in Half with CCTV Installations

The United Kingdom utilizes more security cameras per capita, than any other country in the world. In 2014 there were over 1.9 million cameras installed in public and private locations in the UK, which equates to around one camera per every 32 people in Britain. According to one study published by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, the presence of CCTV systems can decrease the occurrence of crimes by up to 51%, in certain areas. Crime in high risk areas, such as covered carparks, was decreased significantly, according to the study.

Your type of business may have influenced your past decisions regarding the installation of security cameras. In an office setting, you may not have considered the use of cameras, as you would have few interactions with the public and unauthorised persons. However, there is still the risk of internal incidents such as property theft, information theft, and even criminal assault or harassment in the workplace. Security cameras can deter incidents, and when the presence of cameras is explained as a benefit rather than a privacy issue, staff members are likely to be more supportive of new camera installations.

Any security system is most effective when it is paired with a number of complementary systems. CCTV can assist with monitoring and crime deterrence, but should be used in conjunction with systems like a wireless intruder alarm, and even access control, when appropriate.

In short, security cameras do have the power to prevent crime through deterrence. This has been proven in international studies, in both private and public places. If you want to increase the security of your place of business, a modern CCTV system using IP technology will be a robust and versatile solution. Talk to West Yorkshire’s security experts, at UK Red Security, to discover the best security systems like CCTV, access control, and wireless intruder alarms, to protect your business in Leeds or the surrounding areas.