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How Offsite Monitoring Improves Your Security Capabilities

If you’re operating a business in Leeds, ensuring that your site is secure will be critical. This is true whether you operate a retail store, a warehouse, a production facility, or a business of any kind. There is always a risk of intrusion or even internal security breaches, but with offsite monitoring for your alarm and CCTV, you can be prepared to react to any event.

Installing a CCTV system provides benefits in two key ways. First, the presence of a CCTV system can often be enough to deter crime, by making your premises a less appealing target for criminals. Even in the case where something of concern does happen, you may be able to identify an incident in progress, or at least have documented footage for law enforcement and internal investigation.

When you install a monitored CCTV system, cameras will be placed in key locations around your business. These areas include main doors, common access ways, and anywhere where there may be a risk of illicit or undesirable activity. Depending on the system you install, you can take advantage of advanced technologies, such as motion detection for automatic alerts and recording, or even an integrated PA system that alerts intruders or suspects that they are under surveillance.

When installing your system, you can opt to have onsite monitoring capabilities, which can be used by staff or dedicated security personnel. Additionally, you can request an offsite IP feed which can provide streaming access to live cameras and recordings.

Consider some of the scenarios where a CCTV system with offsite monitoring would be beneficial;

  • In a retail scenario, CCTV can deter and document shoplifting incidents.
  • Cameras could identify suspicious persons entering or leaving the premises.
  • Archived footage could aid in investigating an incident, even in situations where it was not immediately discovered.
  • An in-progress threat, intrusion, assault etc. could be discovered in real time, allowing for detailed information to be provided to law enforcement.

These are literally thousands of potential scenarios where a CCTV system with offsite monitoring will benefit you, and they will vary depending on your industry and your business. If you want to find out more about security systems like CCTV, wireless intruder alarms, and even electronic access control, talk to the experts in Leeds.

UK Red Security is standing by for expert consultations. We can help to make your business premises safer for your staff, your clients, and your business interests, providing you with peace of mind, no matter where you are.