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Security of the Future? – Are They Already Here?

Security Systems of the Future – Are They Already Here?

Technology is something that drives almost everything you do in business, and even in your personal life. From the way that you wash your dishes and clean your carpets, to purchasing tickets for travel and events, technology has made things simpler, more connected, and more immediate. Even when it comes to critical business security, technology has allowed for significant advancements, and if you’re not up to date with the essential systems, then you may be missing the chance to protect your business interests in every way that you can.

Just How Far has Security Progressed?

Alarm systems represent an important example of just how far security technology has progressed. If you were to look back 30, or even 20 years, most businesses would have had a simple intruder alarm, with magnetic door sensors and maybe a few motion sensors placed around their premises. Alarms would have been of the buzzer or bell type, and that would essentially be the entire system. Businesses that had more to spend may have opted for a monitored system that used a standard phone line to connect to a monitoring centre. Effective? Maybe, but the systems were hardly elegant, and were not at all flexible.

Now consider today’s systems. A wireless intruder alarm is modular, sensors can be placed anywhere where there is a power source, and they network together to form one integrated system. Intruder and fire alarms can connect to a single console, and the alert systems have become smarter, too. A triggered alarm can immediately prompt a CCTV system to start recording, and alert emails and text messages can be sent to the business owner or designated representative. In other instances, the system could use IP technology to notify a remote control centre, where a security professional can receive information like where the alarm was triggered, if there are still intruders on site, and whether the situation requires police intervention. Still images of intruders can be captured and distributed within seconds, allowing for faster response times, and more effective prosecutions when crimes have occurred.

Take Advantage of Advanced Security Systems

It sounds like something from the future, and it would be, if you were reading this 30 years ago. The reality, however, is that technology like this is available now. You can install systems with high quality wireless intruder alarms, IP CCTV systems with offsite monitoring, networked access control, and so much more.

If you’ve been waiting for the future of security to truly ensure that your business is protected, then you’ve waited too long. Talk to UK Red Security today, to discuss your security concerns and explore the modern solutions that can provide you with confidence, whether you’re in your office, at home, or anywhere that you have access to a phone or internet connection.