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Maximise your Business Security with Access Control

Access Control for On-Site Safety and Security

Securing your place of business is essential for protecting your development and revenue, as well as your staff and any authorised site visitors. As security threats can exist all around, it can be difficult for businesses to implement robust security measures, without making excessive investments. If you need to secure your premises on a strict budget, you will need systems that are designed for flexibility, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Access control is one security implementation that satisfies all of these demands.

Why Your Business Needs Secure Access Systems

Creating a secure environment will require that you have control over who enters your premises. Authorised persons will be those who have passed all relevant security checks, and who have legitimate reasons to be on site. These persons would be permanent staff members, contractors, and authorised visitors.

Before access control, personal inspections would be required to allow access to a building. This could mean a receptionist checking credentials, or door guards on high risk sites. In the worst case scenario, no electronic control would exist, essentially giving free entry to your premises.

The risk of having open access is high. Theft of intellectual property or equipment may occur, there’s a real threat of domestic terrorism at all times, and staff could be assaulted and injured during a criminal act. You owe it to the safety of your team, and of your overall business, to implement a strict access policy with electronic access control.

The Benefits of Access Control

Access control provides a number of clear benefits which can help to reduce overall security costs. By using electronic looks and other access mechanisms like barriers or turnstiles, staff use cards or tags with embedded security chips, PIN codes, or even bio-metric data, to identify themselves and gain access. This reduces the overhead of placing guards or attendants at all critical access points. Wireless intruder alarms can be incorporated into access points to notify occurrences of forced access.

The right system can also help you to track attendance and performance issues, by ensuring that staff are on the premises when they are supposed to be. In the event of an emergency, open access can be enabled for quick evacuation. When you deal with an expert security company, the system can even be connected to an emergency alarm control board, so that security doors are automated in the event of a fire.

To discuss your access needs with the UK’s best security experts, talk to UK Red Security. Our team of talented and passionate professionals will look at your unique security needs, and design a system that not only protects your interests, but also works within your budgetary constraints.