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Access Control & The Benefits to Your Business

Three Ways Access Control Systems Will Benefit Your Business

Security solutions are essential for safeguarding your employees, and your physical and intellectual property. With the right access control system, you can be sure that only authorised persons are on-site, and the right system can even act as an effective deterrent against crime on your property. If you already have intruder alarms but you haven’t invested in a modern access system, then these three benefits should help you to understand why it’s worth upgrading your business in 2016.

Modern Systems Allow You to Set Individual Zones

Do you want to limit access to critical areas, such as server rooms and switches, but have open or authenticated access for common areas, elevators, stairwells, and other zones? With a modern system, you will be able to set rules for every individual zone that is connected to your system. This will allow you to provision staff and visitors with appropriate access rights, making your site safer and more convenient.

Access Control in Leeds Can Help You to Control Access Based on Time and Day

Modern systems are beneficial because they aren’t limited by keys, key cards, biometrics, or other authentication methods. In some cases, access needs to be immediate and convenient. Consider your main doors and your waiting area, as an example. An electronic system can allow you to set time of day constraints to allow or deny immediate access. If you have regular client visits, or if you receive a lot of walk-in business, then this type of system will allow for better customer experience. Such a system can also reduce access point congestion during peak times.

You Can Link Individual Zones to Your Alarm System

It’s possible to integrate alarms for incidents of unauthorised access, or you could even have a notification system for when sensitive areas are accessed with the right credentials. This allows you to keep track of your staff and visitors, and can even help you with designing future security policies and access rules. Electronic access control systems will also allow you to keep an efficient business, by monitoring staff adherence to working hours and break times, allowing you to take appropriate action when necessary.

An access control system is not just about security, but also adds convenience to your premises, while increasing your visibility of what happens in your business. The best systems are custom designed by expert security professionals, so make sure that you talk to UK Red Security when you need security consulting in Leeds, or anywhere around the United Kingdom.