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Month: March 2016

Do Security Cameras Prevent Crime?

There are a number of reasons why you might consider installing security cameras at your place of business. A CCTV system can allow you to increase onsite security, prevent industrial espionage, and even increase workplace productivity. Security cameras can also help to make staff feel safer, and can contribute to a better atmosphere in the […]

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Maximise your Business Security with Access Control

Access Control for On-Site Safety and Security Securing your place of business is essential for protecting your development and revenue, as well as your staff and any authorised site visitors. As security threats can exist all around, it can be difficult for businesses to implement robust security measures, without making excessive investments. If you need […]

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The Essential Fire Alarm FAQ’s – Answered!

A fire alarm system is an absolute necessity for any business. Not only will fire alarms protect your commercial interests, but they will also ensure that your team members are able to receive prompt notification of smoke or a fire, enabling them to evacuate the premises safely. Fire alarms will also increase emergency response time, […]

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