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Are You Working with the Right Intruder Alarm Installers?

When you need to secure your property, the security company you choose to install your intruder alarm will be especially important. There’s no such thing as an ‘out of the box’ package when it comes to an intruder alarm system, so you need to choose a company that is able to work with you to identify your unique needs, and make the right recommendations that will offer you the best protection. At UK Red Security we can provide complete protection and peace of mind, with free advice that comes with no obligation to buy.

Peace of Mind for Home and Business

Intrusion at your home or place of business can be financially damaging, and in many cases, significantly traumatic. Not only is there the potential for financial losses, but there’s also a risk of damaged property, loss of business, and a shattering of your confidence and personal sense of security on your property.

In many cases, criminals are opportunistic, which means that they go for easy targets that pose the least risk. An unsecured property is exactly the target that criminals are looking for, and a visible intruder alarm system can act as an effective deterrent. An alarm means letting go of any anxiety when you leave your home for work or even on a holiday. In a place of business, it can mean having confidence knowing that your investment and livelihood is secure.

Not every security or alarm company can provide you with the peace of mind that you need, especially if you don’t get a system that is customised to your needs. UK Red Security brings over 10 years of experience to your intruder alarm project, allowing our consultants to design a system that is based on experience and modern advancements in technology.

UK Red Provides Custom Intruder Alarms from the Top Manufacturers

We can offer you a range of the best alarm systems from world renowned manufacturers. All of our intruder alarms are compliant with Euro Standard EN50131, and DD243, so you’ll know that you’re purchasing technology that is proven to perform. With Grade 2 & 3 systems, we can also deliver an installation that benefits your insurance package. As an end to end consulting and installation company, we can ensure that your new intruder alarm system is installed to original specifications, and our accredited engineers are police screened and ECS approved.

In short, we’ll give you the best possible system for your needs and your budget, and you’ll never have to worry about the credentials of anyone working on your property.

Contact us today and get the peace of mind and protection that you need, from a Leeds security company that you can trust.