Turnstiles & Barriers Systems

UK Red Security provides and maintains turnstiles and barriers along with all gate automation systems for residential and commercial properties.

There are many ways that turnstiles and barrier systems can be operated and combined with varied control options to allow ease of use.

The key role of gates and barriers is to prevent unauthorised access to your site, whilst providing minimum inconvenience to those who have authorised access to your site. Peak period congestion is thus avoided ensuring maximum flow capacity.

A UK Red Turnstile or Barrier can stop vehicles or personnel at the relevant barrier and disallow entry or exit until they identify themselves via their smart card and/or biometric fingerprint. The system gives full control over who is allowed access through any controlled point at any time of the day.

Automatic gates is split into two categories, sliding or swing gates. These are available in various styles and colours. We will be happy to provide a free survey along with any other potential information, including potential risks with sliding gates.

All the systems are installed and maintained to current regulations and standards to provide ease of use and to ensure you're safe and secure.

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