Deployable CCTV Systems

What is included in a Deployable Tower?

  • 7.5m retractable mast
  • Ballistiv proof 27x Zoom PTZ Camera with 100m-175m IR Illumination
  • 1TB Internal hard drive(60 Days Recording)
  • 2 X Hard Wired Motion Detectors (60 days recording)
  • 3 X Additional wireless motion detectors (free standing)
  • 2 X speaker for audio challenge
  • 50 Channel alarm board, up to 8 wireless motion detectors
  • Embedded high speed 3G/4G connectivity or sat comms
  • 3G/4G SIM Private fixed IP
  • Short range wireless connectivity (2.4GHz or 8GHz)
  • Power loss, tamper, shock and tilt alarms
  • GPS Tracking
  • 8hr Battery Back up

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