Access Control Systems

Access Control

Access Control Systems gives you the control to determine who has access to your premises with the use of token, keypads or swipe cards.

Access control is now taking over the standard lock and key security of businesses due to their cost & reliability where access is concerned.

Installing an Access control system will you give you the ability to control not only who enters the building but who can enter specific rooms, minimising potential threats or health and safety issues.

Stand Alone Systems

How does it work?

A device is connected to a desired door internally or externally of the building. Either a keypad or fobs/cards is programmed manually to that specific device to allow access to the designated area/s.

PC/Network Based Systems

How does it work?

Similar to the standalone system, but the device/s are attached to a network allowing the user to fully programme and update the system via a computer. This can also be done remotely, eliminating the need to be onsite.

This type of solution can be integrated into other security systems including intercom and intruder alarms.

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